Questions About Cases

What material(s) are the cases made from?
What temperatures can the cases tolerate?
What adhesives and/or paints can be used on the cases?
Are there any hazardous substances in the case material?
What testing have you done? Certifications?
Are the cases water resistant?
How does the Pressure Equalization Valve work?
What is the o-ring made of?
What type of lubricant should be used on the o-ring?
What about custom sizes and colors?
Which replacement latch should I order for my Pelican Protector Case? 
How do you replace a latch on a Pelican Protector Case? 
Are the Pelican cases TSA approved?

Questions About Flashlights
What does the term "non-incendive" mean?
What types of lamp does Pelican flashlights use?
Can you use rechargeable batteries in alkaline flashlights?
Can you use alkaline batteries in rechargeable flashlights?
What is the difference between a laser spot beam and a modified spot beam?
What type of lubricant should be used on the o-ring?


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